Sell Your Home with Reinhart

A successful home sale is the result of a combination of factors. Careful analysis of market conditions, maximum exposure to potential buyers, and expert counsel are some of the skills Reinhart Realtors bring to the equation. We provide a variety of services with one goal in mind — a worry-free sale at the best possible price, within a time frame that works for you. The odds of a successful sale are on your side when you list with Reinhart. We list and sell more homes every year than any other broker in the greater Ann Arbor area.

Home Selling Process

Step 1
Step 1 - Price Your Home Right

One of the most important steps of the home selling process is setting the right price. Your Reinhart agent will be able to prepare a detailed Competitive Market Analysis of your home’s value and make recommendations for pricing based on recent sales, competing listings, your home’s condition and specific features. They will take into account other considerations, such as the location, nearby amenities, similar homes in the area, and other factors that may impact its overall value. Setting a reasonable price from the beginning is important in helping you sell your home as quickly as possible!

Step 2
Step 2 - Prepare Your Home to Sell

Before you list your home, there are a few steps to take so you can adequately showcase your property and generate interest with potential buyers. In addition to deep cleaning and decluttering, you should depersonalize your home by removing family photos, signage with names, and other personal mementos. Your Reinhart agent may even suggest some improvements that might generate a higher purchase price. Don’t wait until the inspection to complete any minor repairs such as leaky faucets or squeaky doors. Brighten up the interior with a coat of paint and improve landscaping to impress buyers from the curb. If you are moving out of the home before you list, it is wise to consider staging the property with neutral furniture and tasteful decor.

Step 3
Step 3 - Market Your Home to Potential Buyers

Your Reinhart agent will utilize our tools and technology to market your property to potential buyers. Receiving more than 50,000 visitors per month, is equipped with a variety of search tools. Plus, Reinhart listings appear everywhere else potential buyers are searching, including, Trulia, Zillow, and more. Between online exposure, social media, brochures, mailings, print advertising, open houses and other forms of marketing, your agent will work tirelessly to get your listing in front of the right buyer.

Step 4
Step 4 - Accept An Offer and Complete Closing

Once you receive an offer — or several offers — your agent will help you determine how to proceed. You may decide to accept an offer, counter an offer, or reject an offer until the right one comes along. Your agent will also help guide you through the period between accepting an offer and closing day, including the home inspection results, submitting paperwork, and other important steps. As closing nears, you will be expected to complete any agreed-upon repairs and completely move out of your home. On closing day, you will sign paperwork to make the sale final!

Market Research and Strategy

Learn about the Market in your Area
Learn about the Market in your Area

As you begin the process of selling your home, you are probably curious about the status of your local market and/or the neighborhood you plan to move to. Our Market Snapshot is an interactive report that includes both active and under contract listings, in addition to sold properties, based on your specific address and comparable criteria.

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4 Reasons Why a Property Sells

Reason 1
Reason 1 - Location

The one factor sellers cannot control is location. Yet, it is often one of the key factors when it comes to determining your home’s value. Prospective buyers will often evaluate an area based on its proximity to their place of work, shops, restaurants and other attractions. Plus, they will examine its school district, natural landscape, crime rate and other considerations.

Reason 2
Reason 2 - Price

The price of your listing plays an important role in its success on the market. Your agent will examine current market conditions, the location and condition of your home, and other relevant factors to price your home competitively. Before you list, it is important to determine the absolute lowest price you are willing to accept.

Reason 3
Reason 3 - Condition

The overall condition of a property can either attract or deter buyers, including quick fixes, like staging and cleaning, to more involved updates and repairs. Consider completing a renovation or major repair that could improve the condition of your home and increase its value. A well-maintained property tells potential buyers that the home was taken care of and well-loved!

Setting a Price
Reason 4 - The Right Agent

Having the right agent on your side can make or break a successful sale. Your Reinhart agent will understand the current market, price your home properly, offer advice for home improvements, and respond to offers in a timely manner. They can walk you through this complex process to eliminate stress and ultimately, sell your home at a competitive price.

Moving To or Out of the Area

If you are looking to make a move to the Ann Arbor area or are planning to move out of our community after you sell your home, we can help with that too! The Reinhart Relocation Team can help to ensure your move is successful and as stress-free as possible. Through our network of professional associates, we can find you a reliable and experienced real estate agent who will help you discover the right home in the right neighborhood, no matter where your destination may be. Let us handle the details for your relocation, so you can focus on your new life in a new city! Click here for more information.